What Happened to Wiki Week?

I got a little sidetracked!  Remember that back in February I was going to post all about Wikis?  Refresh your memory here: Wiki Week.

Let’s get going!

What’s a Wiki?:  

A wiki is a website where anyone can edit anything anytime they want.  Wikipedia ringing any bells?

Now, this topic has been covered a lot of times by people a lot smarter than I am, so if you read this and can’t make heads or tails of it, see this website:  TeachersFirst.  I think their layout is great!  But, maybe some of you are too tired from a day of teaching to click on a link…Read on!

Useability Score: 2

How can I use them personally?

Any time you want to collaborate, think wiki!  Use them with your extended family, use them instead of a staff meeting (this is my dream), use them to write a book with a friend!

How can I use them in my K-6 classroom?

First and foremost, teach them how Wikipedia works!  We all know wikipedia is one of the first thing that pops up when students do research on the internet.  Show them how it works, have them edit a page, teach them how COLLABORATION is implemented in the real world.

Book reports, class field trips, study notes, creating a text…pretty much any time you want students to share knowledge and collaborate.

More Resources?

If you like to get in and play, go to Wikispaces or PBWorks.  In fact, I recommend doing this over all else.  It’s best to try it out, make some mistakes, play some more, figure it out.  It’s really sticky learning, I promise.  If you run into any problems, do a websearch!  Wikis have been around a while and have been used in a bunch of classrooms, so there’s lots of info out there!


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