Slice of Life #1

Every morning is the same.  Out of bed and into the kitchen with my dog close by, her sleepy ears down, nails tap-tapping on the wood floors and curious looks thrown my way.  She still remembers my ambitious years, when I’d sleep in my running clothes and head straight outdoors from bed.

I put the kettle on, sit on the stool, scratch her ears and apologize.  The little yellow kettle sounds, I make coffee and we go back to the bed.

I drink my cup propped by pillows, the dog warming my feet. I close my eyes and think before the rest of the house wakes up.

Sometimes I can’t wait to go to bed just so I can get up and do it again.


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life #1

  1. Wow! That is a gorgeous dog you have keeping your feet warm. Getting out of bed twice sounds like torture, but the way you do it is quite appealing. Welcome to Slice of Life!

  2. Oh my gosh.. I love my morning time before anyone else is around.. it’s the best time to clear my thoughts… I don’t have a sweet dog to warm my feet though.. so jealous! Your mornings sound very cozy.

  3. I’m so excited to have a friend with me in the SOLSC this year! I love that you started the month with a post about how you start your mornings. You say so much by listing each small action without any further description. It emphasizes the routine of the morning, gives it that feeling that you are still half asleep and operating on auto-pilot.

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